The beginning

My name is Ahtziri Ramirez, 14 years old and love to draw. It can be anything. Cartoons, manga, comics, real life drawings. Anything. But I’m still making my way to the top. My goal is to be a professional drawer. Ever since I picked up a pencil, I’ve always loved to draw. I didn’t even think about putting the pencil down. Drawing was my favorite, and art was also my favorite subject.

In first grade I received a lot of compliments about my drawings. It made me feel good about myself and my childish drawings. But since then I didn’t stop. I keep drawing, and drawing, and draw through years!    Every single year, or three years later I compare my drawings to my old ones and see how much I’ve progressed. That helped me to keep going on my drawing skills and level, and to keep going.

I’m still working on advancing at my own drawings. But showing my drawings to everyone and the whole world through the Internet, helps me keep drawing. I’ve earned so many compliments that nothing will make me stop my drawings.


Im happy to be a young, still in progress artist.


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